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Search inside notes with Spotlight

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if it's possible to search the contents of a note, like a PDF, for example, using OSX built-in search Spotlight. I am able to find notes by their title and written content, but I never get any matches for words that I know are in a specific PDF inside a note. I know that Evernote does OCR for PDFs, so I assumed it somehow shared this information with Spotlight, as I get matches when I search inside of Evernote, but apparently it doesn't. Or am I missing something?

Thank you so much.

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hi @ruiguerreiro,

Spotlight search will only locate notes based on titles or text written inside the note itself. To search within PDFs and documents, you have to use Evernote's search. Just to let you know, if you're using Mojave we have an issue with Spotlight search not finding notes at this time, but we're working hard to get this resolved as soon as possible


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I agree.  I use Spotlight to find a short word I  know I used in some text editor within the last week, and nothing comes up.  Turns out it was in an EN note. I then type a word in an actual title of an EN note, and no results still. Why is EN preventing Mac/Spotlight/Search from seeing its content?


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Thx for the new Evernote 10 - nice layout but a couple of very useful things have disappeared from the versions before:

  • most important Spotlight is not working anymore - before i could use spotlight in Mac to find notes - press return and voila note opened. IN Evernote 10 that function disappeared. Do you have any idea how to get it back. New notes in Evernote 10 don't show up in spotlight any more - old notes from before show up, but pressing return only opens Evernote not the note anymore - any solutions?
  • Create new note from wherever you are. Control-option-command and N started a new Evernote Note wherever i was. Great feature that doesn't exist anymore - can we have it back?


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