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(Archived) Omnifocus integration

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I see at least one thread dating back a couple years with nearly 40 replies echoing the desire for Omnifocus integration - specifically requesting, for example, linking Evernotes to tasks in Omnifocus... have Evernote devs followed this request? Are there any creative integration plans - perhaps a trunk extension?

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We read every post, thanks for the feedback.

Omnifocus looks like a nice application, and we'd love to see some sort of integration in our Trunk, but I don't think we'll have internal engineers focusing on this in the near future.

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Thanks for clearing this up, Allworld and engberg! Sad to hear that nothing is likely to happen on this front in the near future. It's not really a question of Omnifocus integration I think, but of the ability to link to a specific Evernote document from any application, including Evernote itself.

Of course something that worked only for OF would be a great help in and of itself, but I suspect that something that worked for OF would work for most other OSX apps as well.

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I would also like to request the ability to link to a specific Evernote note from anywhere in the Mac OS filesystem. Both from a calendar event and from OmniFocus. It would be ok with me if a note had to be sync'd to the server prior to being able to be linked if it is a matter of getting a GUID.

Seems like it could help a lot more applications than just OF although that is one of particular interest to me. I am personally (albeit likely in the minority) interested in Evernote integration with Outlook 2011 for Mac (currently in Beta). This app is VERY good, surprising I know.


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Yes, I too would like to be able to link to individual notes in Evernote. There are two ways I can think of that could be done without making some probably tricky OS integration that would allow some kind of OLE functionality:

1. Use links to the web version. If you browse EN in a web browser and view a note, you can drag the URL out of the browser to create a direct link to the note. But what we'd need is a way to make those links from the desktop app - ideally by dragging the note from the list view. Even better would be if the Evernote app was able to detect when you try to open such a URL and display the resulting note in the desktop app rather than in a web browser.

2. Make some kind of search link that performs a search in Evernote for the title of the note. There is already a homebrew Snow Leopard service that allows you to highlight a line of text in a cocoa app and send it to Evernote for searching.

Perhaps if there was some way to register a custom transport protocol with an application you could make custom URLs that could interact with the desktop app. e.g. "evn://12345-67890"

[EDIT] OMG, you can totally do just that: http://www.cocoadev.com/index.pl?HowToR ... URLHandler

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I'm a longtime OmniFocus user, and I don't expect to drop it. It gives me a really good flow for getting tasks done. Capture it - do it - check it off - gone.

I find, however, that I need something complementary to retain information and organize it. I had used outliners for this but the strict hierarchy doesn't really work. Evernote sounds just right, so I'm giving it my first try. Perhaps I could move my voluminous "someday/maybe" lists to Evernote to good effect.


turn evernote notebooks into omnifocus folders or projects, and vice-versa

contextual menu turning an omnifocus item into an evernote note

cross-linking between OF and EN

Doesn't Evernote have any services or contextual menus?

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Gee, everyone is talking about how great Omnifocus software is. I've never heard of the Omnifocus program, so I Googled it. The software looks like it is for Apple operating systems only.

I searching for "Windows" on the Omnifocus site and found this little gem:

  • User: Can I use virtualization software to run Apple OS on my Win 7 laptop *and* then install OmniGraphSketcher?
    Omni staff: This is theoretically possible, but I don't know of any virtualization software that allows the installation of OS X on a Windows machine.

I'd say that Evernote has made the correct decision. Omnifocus might be super for apple users, but Evernote has a larger mult-platform audience to serve.

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