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(Archived) Can PDF webpage clip images be created as multipage pdfs?

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Does the PDF in Evernote look different from what you'd get if you told Safari to Print to a PDF file?

I'm not the original poster, but I've encountered this as well, and the answer is yes. See screenshot of a clipping from Wikipedia. The PDF on the left was made via shift-clicking the Elephant button in Safari. The one on the right was done by File > Print and then picking "Save PDF to Evernote". Note that the one on the right is 13 pages, while the left side is one giant page (the inspector says the page is 19.17 × 83.38 inches)


I usually use the File > Print option, but shift-click the elephant would be a lot more convenient if it could work the same as the print option.

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Hey Sara, thanks for illustrating my point so well! And thanks Dave for reporting the bug! There are much worse issues in Firefox's web clipper, but I read a year old thread stating Safari's tight integration with the OS essentially allows for better clipping. I assume no easy Firefox fixes have been identified then in the past year. C'est la vie.

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In either case, you can go to the Print screen for the browser and then use the "PDF" drop down to print directly into Evernote. That's more steps than shift-clicking on the clipper button in the toolbar, but would give more control.


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