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(Archived) Can Evernote add a new feature for share notes between users

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i began to use Evernote a few weeks ago, and love it very much. But i found i can NOT share my notes to my friends directly(although i can send the notes to my friends by email), so can Evernote add a new feature to share the notes between users?

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From the web, you can share a notebook with another user, and they can access that via a web browser.

In the future, this will be extended to support sharing in the client applications.


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Thanks for the info, I figured it was worth a shot to ask because it has recently become an important feature needed for my business.

I can put an ETA on when I stop paying my premium account if I don't see it...currently collaboration is that important to me and there are other competing products out there for that kind of $$$ :)

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