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Evernote *.exe installer file


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I hope to create a CrossOver bottle containing Evernote for Windows on Ubuntu Linux. To do that, I need Evernote's *.exe installer file. Does Evernote still ever make that available on their website? It seems the only way to get Evernote for Windows now is through the Microsoft Store.

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I was looking to do the same thing for Fedora. Plus, on my Windows machines, I do not use the MS Store for security reasons (among others). I will only install applications that I can examine and save locally.

As a long time paying and heavy Evernote user, this move to only distribute the software as an "app" for a given platform is upsetting. 

It really does seem every move Evernote makes recently is an intentional effort to alienate users. Do they want to dissolve as a business?


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I have since transitioned from using Evernote to Joplin, which has native binary installers available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. Joplin still lacks a lot of features that Evernote already provides, but I like the direction the developers are taking. Strongest point for me is their support for markdown formatting, which gives so much more control in which formatting information is stored, in contrast to Evernote's rather opaque formatting mechanism. And you can even tweak the universal CSS file that controls how the notes are displayed. Joplin also allows more than 2 levels in the notebook hierarchy, although notebook sorting (alphabetically or by some other criterion) is still wonky.

I still use Evernote because I have 3000+ notes already stored there. Joplin can import all your notes from Evernote, but I prefer to move stuff over to Joplin slowly but surely. It's going to be a slow farewell to Evernote for me, but it's already begun and with the way things are going, I no longer see good reasons for reversing the process and coming back. But before completely saying goodbye, I would just like to thank Evernote for introducing me to the wonderful world of electronic notetaking. Alas, staying was not meant to be.

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