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18 hours ago, gazumped said:

Interesting,  but I'm not sure how practical that might be

Disagree. Google is going full speed ahead with Web Apps. Full APIs and with Chrome 71 they're bringing even more PWA to mobile as well with the ability to register as an app to share to.  Since Chrome is the most used browser in the world, and Microsoft just announced that Edge will be based on Chromium, PWAs are definitely a band wagon that companies with Web platforms need to jump on. 

Edit: or in my case, I, like many others, use a Chromebook as my main computer. A PWA could mean that Evernote would have a "desktop" app for Chromebooks (and Linux users too). Chromebooks are quickly gaining in popularity, having a web app would be good for usability, but for Evernote, it would be good marketing. 

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Interesting,  but I'm not sure how practical that might be...  Evernote Web 1 was launched in the dim,  distant past when folks still used vanilla HTML. It was a bit of a dinosaur - and rapidly fell out of touch with the bells and whistles being added to the desktop and mobile apps on a (more or less) monthly basis.  Things languished.  The along came Evernote Web 2 which was an attempt (then) to add the extras which the other clients enjoyed.  At some early point though they hit a roadblock and very little further development seemed to happen.  The 'beta / test / sampler' web version was dignified with a public release label,  but didn't have much added that I could see.

After a LOT of complaints about the continuing lack of features in the web app,  an engineer came out of the woodwork and commented that web development had moved on so far since the initial version was launched that an 'upgrade' would have to be a complete rewrite from the ground up using 'modern' tools.  That would take time he said.  About 3 years ago.

Then along came Evernote Web 3 (the current beta / test / sampler) which I assume IS the much-vaunted rewrite,  now available at a web page near you and subject to a ton of extras still needing to be coded (or maybe just tested and QA'd).

I don't know to what extent that new version is 'progressive',  but I do know I'd far rather have a page that is responsive and feature-compliant with the other clients than have Evernote go back to first principles (again) and start working!

Filing this one firmly under the 'nice to have' category!  😏

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Making the web client a PWA shouldn't be a huge task.

From what I remember, in the most basic use case, it's just a matter of adding an extra file (manifest file).

A lot more can be done - especially with caching if I am not mistaken, but it's optional.

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