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(Archived) Feature suggestion: Check-ins for more accurate location

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I think it would be really useful, for the sake of accuracy and convenience, if we were able to "check-in" our notes to a place (similar to foursquare). For example, I use Evernote as a logbook to keep track of my daily activity (what-when-where). There are businesses, and customers that I visit daily that are in such close proximity of each other that they all show up when I search by current location. I know I can create folders/tags to distinguish each location but since we already have a field in Evernote for location, why create a separate tag/folder for that purpose. Check-in would help make location information more accurate and useful. (GPS is notoriously inaccurate, especially indoors)

Also if you decide to implement something like this it would be helpful if there were an option for persistent check-ins (it remembers where you're checked in for later notes) or per note check-ins.


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