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Request: Simplified article option when clipping through Android share menu



Currently, when I send an article to Evernote, by sharing a link to Evernote, I have two options: A Full Article check box which either clips the full article, or creates a URL bookmark in a new note. I would love the option for Simplified Article when sharing to Evernote on Android.

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The web cllipper feature available from laptop has the feature to add simplified article to evernote. Why cant you do the same with android. Everytime i import some article to evernote from my android, all the graphics, links, addons come along with it into my evernote which is so frustating and also eats up the limited space. Please include the feature to add simplified article to evernote. Due to this problem alone, i have to add my article first to pocket app to simplify it and then from pocket app to evernote to add the simplified article.


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