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When writing bullets on Evernote for Android, adding a new bullet leads to the font size increasing EACH TIME

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Hi, I'm writing this now because I want to report a bug that I noticed in Evernote for Android. I have a Samsung Note 9 with the Android 8.0.1 and Samsung Experience 9.0. I noticed that this bug developed only AFTER the new update on November 30th that added Dark mode to Evernote for Android.

Whenever I write notes on my phone, if I'm using bullets when I make a new bullet the font size slowly increases like below. It's making me go crazy because the font becomes obscenely large after only a couple bullet points. To fix it I have to keep pressing simplify formatting all the time but I hate doing that.

This is what the error looks like:

  • First bullet point
  • Second bullet point
  • Third bullet point
  • Fourth bullet point
  • Fifth bullet point
  • Sixth bullet point

What the hell!!! How can I fix this? Does anyone else experience this? 

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