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iOS - Add ability to move/copy attachments between notes



Hi all,

Increasingly, I do most of my work on an iPad. One thing that I do often can currently only be done on a desktop machine. That is the ability to move or copy attachments from one note to another. Here’s hoping this feature can be easily added to the iOS app.





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32 minutes ago, VDo said:

In the meantime, I use Yoink app. 

Can you identify the benefits of using Yoink with Evernote?
I'm using drag and drop to the naive Files app.

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It is practically the same thing. I like to use this app because my iCloud temp folder was messy and I forgot to delete the files I had attached to the new note, etc. I see this app as a dedicated “temp” app. If you are well organized, I think there is no benefit. 

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