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changing from old device to new device

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My old computer broke and I seem to be having trouble getting Evernotes on the new computer. It says I can have two devices without upgrading but won't let me select the new computer to be my current device. Every time I try it wants me to upgrade. I only want to use it on this one computer so I'm not even using two devices. I don't know how to fix this.

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@Mandoville You don't have to do any manual steps to transfer your notes.

Simply download the Evernote App for Windows and install it.

Then, login to Evernote for Windows using the exact same email address/password you used for Evernote on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Allow Evernote for Windows to complete it's sync.

Once completed, you should see all of your notes/notebooks.

Feel free to DM me if this doesn't work for you!

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