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desktop content never in iOS yet? help me rhonda?

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Do not have much in desktop app, put app on phone, will not sync, both online, cell data enabled. less than 30 notes total, none showing on iOS.
Shows absolutely no content on ios app.  Nothing: no notebooks, no folders, no topics areas--nothing from desktop app. Did sync now repeatedly, nothing showing, nothing there.

2nd fun issue, more minor: Email changed--insists each log in time to confirm from old email to new one. Just did the confirm & switch over again just now, says password changed 1000+ days ago. "Like whats the deal Scoob?"

In process of exporting all to device as copy & paste.  This is fun hot mess.

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The sync process is   Phone <> Server <> Desktop 

Check your data on the server using the web platform at www.evernote.com
This will isolate the problem to phone or desktop

Also, make sure you use the same userid on the phone and desktop.

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