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Shane D.

How to submit Support Tickets to Evernote Support regarding Technical Issues (Android)

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Hi there,

I wanted to provide some tips and tricks that may help our staff to more expediently address your issue when you submit a support request regarding technical issues.

(Note: Technical issues refers to problems like syncing issues, user interface problems/glitches, formatting errors, etc. If you’re experiencing issues with missing content/dataloss from your Evernote Account, please go here.)

Here is a list of steps and resources for Android that you can add to your support request that may help the process to complete more quickly.

(Note: Opening a support ticket for a technical issue requires a Plus/Premium subscription. Basic subscribers will only be able to open support tickets for certain issues. Please reach out to Shane D. if you have any other questions)

Opening a Ticket: The first step is to open the support request

1. To open a support ticket, go to https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action, and login using your Evernote credentials or click on Continue as guest

(Note: Guest users are considered Basic subscribers, and will have limited access to support ticket options)

2. On the next page, select the items that most closely match the issue you’re experiencing from the dropdown menu options

3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Submit ticket on the bottom, which will then provide you with text fields to write information about the issue

4. Use the Steps/Information to gather guidelines listed below and include as much information as possible about the issue you’re encountering in your ticket

5. Once filled out, submit the ticket



Steps/Information to gather:

1. Subject/Description: Please provide as much context as possible regarding the issue you’re encountering. Here are some good questions to keep in mind (and answer) if possible:


When did this issue begin?

Were there any software/system updates implemented for Evernote, or your device/platform, around the same time the issue began?

Did the issue begin shortly after adding any specific content (new notes, web clippings, copy/pasted content in a note, attachments to a note, etc) to your Evernote Account?

If you use your Evernote Account via multiple devices, do you experience the issue everywhere? Or, do you only experience the issue when using Evernote on a specific device?


2. Activity Log(s): This is an essential item for our support staff. The activity log is a document that logs all of the internal processes that are occurring within the Evernote App. It often points to the root cause of the issue, enables us to more quickly identify known issues, and provides context about what was occurring around the time the issue occurred.

When creating a copy of the activity log, do your best to create the copy of the log information as quickly as possible after the issue has occurred. If the log is recorded too far after the issue has occurred, the issue may not show up in the log records.

To learn how to acquire an activity log from your Android device, go here.

Then, attach the log file to your ticket submission form in the Attachments section.

3. Screen Recordings/Screenshots: Video recordings of the user screen can be very helpful when dealing with technical issues, especially with U/I (user interface) issues:

Screen recording functionality is dependent on the version of Android OS that is running, and on the model of Android device. See this article on determining which screen recording function works best for you.

Then, attach the video file to your ticket submission form in the Attachments section.

If you are unable to send video, please send any screenshots that help to display the issue: Screenshots of the issue, or any specific error messages, may better enable us to diagnose the issue more quickly
For information on how to create a screenshot for Android, go here

Then, attach the screenshot file to your ticket submission form in the Attachments section.

4. If you are unable to send video or screenshots, please do your best to outline the exact steps you use to reproduce the issue if you are able

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Shane, I'm reaching out for help!!  I am a basic member and just migrated all my programs and files from a Macbook to a Macbook Air running Catalina.

All my notes are there but my Helper is only clipping my desktop photo.  Can you help me fix that?



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I don't see a submit button at the bottom of the request page. I am missing losts of very important notes for my classes.

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