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Submitting Support Tickets to Evernote Support [Dataloss, Missing Notes/Notebooks,etc] (Android)

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Hi there,

I wanted to provide some tips regarding information you can provide our support staff if you’re encountering an issue where notes, notebooks, or general content is missing from your Evernote Account.

(Note: Opening a support ticket for a technical issue requires a Plus/Premium subscription. Basic subscribers will only be able to open support tickets for certain issues. Please reach out to Shane D. if you have any other questions)


Opening a Ticket: The first step is to open the support request

1. To open a support ticket regarding possible dataloss/missing content, go to https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action, and login using your Evernote credentials or click on Continue as guest. 

2. From the dropdown menus that appear, select Technical Issues > Notes > Lost Notes or missing content

3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Submit ticket on the bottom, which will then provide you with text fields to write information about the issue

4. Use the Missing Content/Possible Data Loss guidelines listed below and include as much information as possible about the issue you’re encountering in your ticket

5. Once filled out, submit the ticket


Missing Content/Possible Data Loss: If your support request is specifically regarding missing content/data from your Evernote Account, please see the information below, and provide any information you might have within the support ticket.

1. Subject/Description: Please provide as much context as possible regarding the issue you’re encountering. 

See the following questions as a good place to start:


Do you recall the time and date of when you noticed the content going missing? (Try to approximate to the best of your ability)

What type of internet connection were you using? Wi-fi, cellular, or were you offline at the time?

If notes/notebooks are missing, do you recall their specific titles? (If yes, please provide them)

Were you executing any specific actions when the content went missing? (Things like syncing, adding content to a note, switching accounts, etc)


2. Send Activity Logs: To learn how to acquire an activity log from your Android device, go here


3. Visit the Evernote Web Client using a web browser on a desktop computer: https://www.evernote.com/Home.action

Do the missing notes/notebooks/content appear on the web client? (Please note the answer to this question in your support request)

4. After logging in, does your account appear completely blank, almost like a new account?

Often, users accidentally create a secondary account and believe that their actual account has been deleted/cleared out:

Usually, this occurs when a user creates an Evernote Account using an email address with a typo/misspelling. The user then uses that account for some time and logs out. Then, when they login with their correctly spelled email address, they are actually logging into a new account.

Or, the reverse happens and the user creates an Evernote Account using a correctly spelled email address. However, the next time the user logs in, they have a typo/misspelling in the email address they use to login and accidentally create a second account.

Double-check and make sure your login credentials are accurate and correctly spelled.

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3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Submit ticket on the bottom, which will then provide you with text fields to write information about the issue

There's no "Submit" on my end.


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I agree it could be easier to find.

But going to the forum at least must do you some good 😉

And basically EN lives of their paying users. So they focus their effort (including support) there. If this is good marketing is another question.

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6 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

I agree it could be easier to find.

But going to the forum at least must do you some good 😉

And basically EN lives of their paying users. So they focus their effort (including support) there. If this is good marketing is another question.

Do they engage in a covert money-making? If I need a premium account to support a support ticket then %#$ say so! ;) Again, poor webpage design.

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I would not call it "covert". If you go to the top of this thread, you find this (red lines are relevant):


The "certain issues" are more or less account issues. Content or technical questions are not covered.

EN makes their money on the paying users. They do not take user data to make a cut (this is what many others company do, for example Facebook, Google etc.). So they focus their resources to the paying users, which they can do because there they have a legal relation. At least in Europe it would not be legal to take cash and not offer a support. But they do, if you belong to those who pay. If not, it is basically up to EN what to provide.

If this is good marketing, one may discuss ...

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And the very same note should have found its way to the webpage I was referring to in my initial post. That's literally my only point.

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I still cannot find a place to open a support ticket.  I used the URL you provided and have not found the answers I am looking for.  I chose Technical Issues but the page just refreshes.  

Why is it so difficult to find support for your product?  


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Step by step (for paying users only): 

Go to Evernote.com in your browser (here: Safari on my ipad



Then open Help & Training, and enter your account credentials (account name & password & 2FA, if active):



Then you get the support options: Send an e-Mail to EN support, or use the chat during Californian office hours.



Support can as well be reached from within the apps - how depends on which app you are using.

As last fallback option you can send a direct mail to Shane through this forum.

IMHO when you check into EN as paying user, there is no lack of options of how to get support from EN themselves.

This forum is no official support site. We are all users, offering a little help to each other.

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On 5/25/2019 at 7:28 PM, Linda Protter said:

I accidentally deleted my password notes and want to recover them. I have a basic account and can’t find the trash folder. Please help. 

Galaxy J7 Prime


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A duplicate of a week (!) Prescription with the same name has been preserved, and a note with today's edits has disappeared !!!  Or replaced by the old ???  This is a week of work !!!  Where to looking for?  Neither in the basket, nor in other accounts there (I do not use, and other devices, too).  Help!!!

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This is not a support channel.

This forum is user driven. I am on iOS, so I can’t help you on this.

Maybe you want to place a new post in the Android section of this forum. This will enhance your chance that some other user with Android experience will see it and probably answer.

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Good Day! I currently have problems using evernote... I am using my google account and I recently changed phones twice. I cannot access my notes at all and every time I try to log in using my google account, a message pops up saying i cannot sign in at the moment because of bad internet connection. This is absurb cause our connection here is good

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Hello!  Please help, I am having the same problems with most of the above.
I use my google account, and have just switched phones. 
My account is basic. 
I could not log into Evernote with my phone, and now I cannot even log in on my laptop!
I do not know whether my data is still there or not and how do I access it now???
Same message: it says bad internet connection, but it is very good here, as all our computers are online.
Please help, I have important data in those notes that have not been transferred.
Thank you

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