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I have been having lagging issues with my account and been trying to get help.  Now, when I click on support, it logs me out and then when I click it again, I log back in, go to support and this happens over and over again. 

what is going on?

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Yes. I click that. enter my credentials. Then it texts me a code. I enter that code, and it takes to me an evernote page that simply says "you are logged out" and then i have to do it all over again. There is no longer away to get customer service number or chat option. 

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@AronsLaw, I'm sorry you are having problems filing the support ticket. I let our customer service know and they'll be reaching out to you. If there's any information you can provide that might help us determine what the bug is with the SupportLogin.action page, that would be great. 

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