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(Archived) How to tell Evernote to over-write files coming in via email

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I have a few files that I like to keep in Evernote (for use on my iPhone and elsewhere). These files are computed by a little program I have and it emails the file to Evernote. Each time the file is sent as an attachment it has the same file name. I'd like to find a way that will tell Evernote to over-write the existing file with the incoming file. As it is now, each version of the file comes in as a new file and it accumulates too many old copies. Is there something I can do?

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No, Evernote will always create one note for each email. Email attachments frequently have the same file name, so we wouldn't want to assume that an old note with "workbook1.xls" should be discarded if a new email arrives with a file with the same name attached.

You may have better luck if you edit the files directly from within Evernote by double-clicking on them from your Mac or PC client. This will edit them in place in the existing note directly without routing everything through multiple email messages.

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I thought that would be the case; but was looking for a setting to *tell* Evernote to over-write.

I understand that you would not want to assume that an old note with the same name should be discarded when a new email with the same name attached arrives. That would be bad. Thank you for making that design decision.

However, I was hoping there would be a way for the user to *decide* how Evernote should behave when it needs to make such a decision.

It's not practical for this need of mine to do the editing in Evernote. The files are in HTML format and are generated by a programme based on content from multiple databases, some number crunching, etc. The file does not come from manual work and I want it on the iPhone for reference by multiple people. It changes four or five times a week.

I'll think of something else. Meantime, consider this an idea for future implementation in Evernote: user-controlled setting to allow over-writes of incoming email attachments.

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