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Text file as attachment

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I know with PDF you have choice to view inline or as attachment.  By default it seems text files are inline.  I don't see anyway to select view as attachment.  Is there a setting somewhere to alter behavior? One product I work with exports configurations as text files.  They can be quite large.  Rendering the text inline takes too long to make saving these files in Evernote practical.  The other ironic thing to note is that the url points to the import folder as the location of the file.  Not so if set to delete, which I imagine is the more common setting. Also url likely not true unless pointing as something like Dropbox.

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Ugh, right click manually add attachment is even worse.  No indication of the original file name.  Makes 'Add an Attachment' kind of a misnomer.  You really just auto create a new note with pre-populated text, with no legacy of the original file. I know there's workarounds, just really defeats the import folder benefit.

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Make sure your text file is stored as an an attachment file.  Windows seems to convert text files  to note format.

A simple solution

Rename your text file    sample.txt  >   sample.aaa
Drag the file into the note; you will see the text file as attachment
You can rename the attachment        sample.aaa > sample.txt

This was discussed here


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