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(sync) performance in iOS apps

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I'm an Evernote Premium user. Used to be very happy with Evernote. In the last year I noticed problems when using Evernote. I use it on a daily basis. 

I have about 75.000 notes in my Evernote database. I access these notes through different Evernote application (Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad). 

All apps have trouble syncing my notes library to the local device. Every time I use the App (mainly iPhone en iPad), it takes quite a long time before I can actually start using Evernote. Very annoying!!

Another problem is that every now ant than notes that I mail to my Evernote e-mail address arrive 'empty' in Evernote. This way Evernote does not feel safe for me anymore, since I cannot trust my note wil actually be available in Evernote. 

Does anyone recognize these problems? I have doubts about Evernote since some time and I'm uncertain if I can keep using Evernote.

Looking forward to your opinion. 


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The performance is getting worse & worse daily! It use to be a great platform Now I really looking at switching to a platform with real customer support!.

To New users be careful They want more money!!!



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