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Cannot move notes via Drag/drop anymore?

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First, cannot tell you'all what version I am on as I decided to start a DB Optimize, and its taking awhile...
EDIT- I am on (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897)

I have the latest published version at least, possible the next pre-release after that. Noticed a week or so ago that all of the sudden, I have lost the ability to move notes by dragging and dropping into a different notebook. It is something I use frequently. Did I accidentally disable some feature, is there a bug, or was that method disabled?



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9 minutes ago, EricLorenz said:

dragging and dropping into a different notebook

Is this drag-and-drop to notebook/tag icon in the sidebar?

On Macs, we temporarily lost that option (drag and drop) in the last beta but it was fixed for the GA release.

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