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This morning I received an email letting me know that you now have an option for students to receive a 50% discount on a premium account.  I currently use Evernote as a student and invested in a plus account (which expires in Feb 2019) because Premium was out of my budget.  Unfortunately,  because I chose to invest in your product I am not allowed to access the student discount - this seems unwise and illogical to me.  

Thank you!

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I used the full version of premium until it expired, then DMed them on Twitter to ask about the student discount. They gave it to me using a special link, and now I'm using that :)

Maybe try the same? I had to give them my student email as proof.

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For most uses the Basic account will do. It comes with a discount of 1-0-0 % - because it is free, and many use it for years. Other companies will give you a 30 day trial, and after that you have to pay, even if it is discounted.

IMHO a student can do fine with this free solution. If you need more (for example while writing a on thesis) you can go Premium for a month or two, and fall back to Basic after that. Or take the approach described above.

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