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Evernote choosing the wrong font from a font family

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I've had a minor (but annoying) issue with Evernote's implementation of font families for a while now. Using the font menu under "Preferences > Formatting" I have set my font to Archer Book (18 point). It's a nice, readable font. However, Evernote sets my fonts in a different font from the same family (typically, Archer Semibold 18). I've had to turn the font off (using FontBook) to prevent this behavior. Similarly, if I have Archer Bold Italic activated on my computer, Evernote will choose to italicize using that font rather than the expected result of Archer Book Italic (which is what I actually want), so I have to turn Archer Bold Italic off in the system as well.  It's a bit annoying to have those fonts unavailable (especially if I actually want to set something in an Archer bold face).

I wondered if this was akin to the (never answered) problem that user Robertson was having in this thread (trying to get Light rather than Regular to implement).


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I am a Premium user facing the same issue. It seems Evernote is able to pick only the Regular variant from the font family. From other posts I see that this is a much requested feature not implemented for a long time. Please can you expedite.

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