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exportNotes to Multiple HTML files


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Has anyone tried, or can anyone suggest the command line for Enscript.exe with exportNotes of all notes to a folder as multiple HTML files.  I can do this manually and by doing it, X1 Search can find files form Evernote.  I would like to automate this if possible.

Thank you in advance,


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On 11/27/2018 at 9:48 AM, dpm1028 said:

I would like to automate this if possible.

Separate html files is my format choice for my Evernote backups
I was able to automate this using scripting on a Mac

It doesn't seem to be an option with Enscript.  
Also not It's an option with Backupery, an automated backup solution. ( edit: Backupery/Windows - thanks @gazumped)
You could also use the cloudHQ services.  html conversion is an option; it's a real time, cloud service

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