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16 minutes ago, RightPaddock said:

Do I need Premium or is it an add-on of some sort?

You'd need Premium for that, if you want to use Evernote's facilities. Otherwise you can use a third-party tool, I expect. A web search on "annotate pdfs" turned up the following, among others: https://www.educatorstechnology.com/2018/09/7-of-best-apps-for-annotating-pdfs.html

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According to Evernote's plan comparison https://evernote.com/compare-plans you need Premium. I guess they give you 10 free annotations to see how it works, which is pretty nice.

Or as @jefito said, go with a 3rd party app.

Even if you could annotate, you'd run out of space pretty quickly with Basic. Depending on the size of your PDF files, every time you save a change, it gets uploaded, and PDF files will eat into the free 60MB/mo plan pretty quickly.

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@jefito - that link is mainly IOS/Android apps. I actually wanted something for MacOS - yes I know I'm in the Windows forum.

Yeah I twigged it was a Premium feature  - it was staring me in the face :facepalm:

For the 'application' in question there are other reasons to think of Evernote apart from PDF annotating.  But I'm not sure that the person who has the 'problem' will be willing to pay annual subscription for Premium.  It's a pity there's not a Premium Local for a one off price (e.g. $50)  - I can get a couple of 4Tb drives for the price of a years Premium.

Thanks RP












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