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(Archived) Can't copy notes out of Evernote Mac

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Evernote for Mac is absolutely ridiculous, because it does NOT copy-and-paste properly when you try to copy a note out of Evernote and paste it into another document!!

How do you expect us to get any work done??

I have a note that looks just fine in Evernote -- lots of paragraphs of text with spaces in between all of the paragraphs (i.e. 2 carriage returns after every paragraph).

BUT when I "select all" of the note in Evernote, and then I paste it into a program like TextEdit or Microsoft Word or Apple Mail or BBEdit or any other program, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

Sometimes the paragraphs are all squished together and truncated together, because there is now only 1 carriage return in between all of the paragraphs. Sometimes it's EVEN WORSE THAN THAT, and there are ZERO (0) carriage returns between all of the paragraphs, so a new paragraph immediately begins DIRECTLY AFTER THE PERIOD of the previous paragraph. The entire note looks like one gigantic run-on sentence that goes on for pages! But no matter what, the text is NEVER pasted into another program how it was copied from Evernote. There is NEVER any fidelity at all between the Evernote note and the text that is copied from the Evernote note.

I don't understand how you can treat Mac users like this? We can't even do the most BASIC of tasks with Evernote Mac, which is simply "copy and paste".

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