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Gathering notes into a single file -- how to in Evernote?

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I am searching for a tool to gather together a bunch of notes with a given tag into a single file, ideally for MS  Word, but that is not absolutely necessary as long as I can export to that.

My main  use case is creating text snippets -- each one from a phrase to multiple pages -- and then gathering together all the snippets with a given tag in a single file that I can edit into a written piece. Nice to have images, web pages, videos, etc as well, but creating my own text snippets by writing or capture is the must-have use.

How, in Evernote, would I gather the tagged snippets into a single file?

Thanks. --David

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On my Mac, I can select a bunch of notes, and am presented with a merge box404589100_ScreenShot2018-11-26at15_57_49.png.9e8ef4bd0117cb3f1c3b65bbf20c7751.png

This will merge the notes into a single note.  
No export > word function, but I can convert to pdf or copy/paste

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Hi.  Two thoughts on this - If you want to keep your notes as separate items either

  1. select all the notes and print to PDF.  I think this generates one PDF file with all the content.  Or, 
  2. select all the notes and copy them to a separate notebook to preserve their individual identities before merging (or get the separate notes back from the Trash after the merge...)
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2 hours ago, djlewis@triadic.com said:

(Using the web interface from Firefox)

If you're using the web interface, then you're going to face a different problem: how to export to MS Word? The web client doesn't do exports, as far as I know. Am I missing something here?

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Hmmn.  Using the web interface won't allow you to select multiple notes - neither the 'old' (Firefox) version of that UI or the 'new' (Chrome) versions don't have that option.  Is it possible for you to download and install the desktop/ laptop version from Evernote.com?

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