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(Archived) Clipping web content only gives me a link

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I had this problem when I first downloaded the beta, and now that I have an account setup and everything, things aren't working like the videos show. First off, Evernote no longer showed up in my menu bar on my Mac, so I removed the app and reinstalled it. Still nothing in the menu bar, but I tried the hotkey to paste to Evernote and that worked. A few minutes later, the icon miraculously showed up in my menu bar, so I highlighted some stuff on a webpage and tried pasting through there, and it didn't work. All I get in my notebook is a URL. I tried the hotkey again, and on multiple websites, and it still just gives me the URL, none of the content I had selected.

It's doing the exact same thing it was doing before I got signed up with the beta. I can't figure out why it worked once but now decided it's not going to work for me again :? Is anyone else having this problem on the Mac side?

EDIT: I just tried selecting some stuff in an email and sending it to Evernote, and I got nothing. Just a subject that said "Mailplane," the name of the app.

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Thanks for the report, we'll look in to the problem with the icon in the menubar.

From your description, it sounds like you might need to do a "copy" after you select your target content, and before you use the "Paste to Evernote" . This paste operation acts on the current contents of the clipboard, not on the selected text, so you need to do a "copy" into the clipboard before you paste.

This means that the keyboard shortcut is two steps ... "Command-C" to copy and "Ctrl-Command-V" to paste into Evernote.

There have been a couple of discussions on the forum about trying to simplify this operation a bit. Unfortunately, OS X doesn't make this very easy, so we're investigating options for the later stages of the beta.

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Ah, that seemed to do the trick, I wasn't copying first and it's working now. However, I can't use the hotkey until the icon shows up, and I've now found that it won't show up upon starting Evernote, but if I just go into the preferences and uncheck "Show Evernote Clipper in menu bar" and then check it again, it shows up and everything functions normally :)

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