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Attachments revert to "inline view"

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Hi -- i am wondering if there's a quick fix for being able to see an attachment only in "attachment view" rather than "inline view" (the latter being where you can see all the contents). Whenever I attach a document it defaults to "inline view" and I collapse it by double-clicking on it and selecting "View as attachment". The problem is that about 90% of the time it reverts to "inline view" (this happens for documents in any format -- XL, pdf, Word etc). So I keep changing it back and eventually, after doing this 4-5 times it may remain permanently in "inline view" (though not always). I attach a lot of documents to my notes and it's very time-consuming to keep doing this. But if I don't, it becomes very difficult to read notes that have multiple attachments/lots of other content. I use Evernote for Mac (Mac v.10.13.6). Any help is much appreciated.

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