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Issues with updating/installing Evernote (Windows) with AVG

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Just in case, I'd consider uninstalling EN with something like Revo Uninstaller, running a complete virus scan to be sure you don't have a Win32/Heri virus. and then download the current version and reinstall.

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@jr1122 What version of AVG?  Do you have an updated virus database?

Virus scan results :



You can add an exception in AVG.

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1 hour ago, jr1122 said:

Thanks to all for the helpful suggestions. 

Is there a way to revert Evernote to a previous version?

Is there a reason you don't want to use the current release?

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Whenever I get the EN popup that says "new version available" I close down everything else and give it the OK to proceed.  The green bar stops somewhere between 50 and 80% complete. Thy again, fails.  This has happened at every update.  I can always go to the website and download the new version, but Evernote's self-downloader/installer always fails.  After stagnating for a very long time (hour or more) the message converts to a failure massage.  Anyone have a clue why?

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I've never seen that with Evernote, but a few things to try:

  • restart your computer and be sure you have NOTHING else running. Go into Task Manager and disable most everything in there. Make note of them as you'll want to re-enable them later. Reboot once you've done this. You should also have installer on your PC so you can just run it. Don't even open Evernote or your browser to go get it after the reboot.
  • Temporarily disable your AV if it persists.
  • If it still won't install, try uninstalling, rebooting, and installing fresh.
  • If it still won't install, try installing it in a different user profile. This won't help your main user profile, but it will tell you if your current profile has some corruption or conflict preventing the install.
  • Finally, contact Evernote for support if none of the above works. give them the exact details of the error message and what it does. Saying "it won't install" will only lengthen the time it takes to get you an answer. 
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