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Evernote is not compatible with my device?

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Evernote was working fine on my android phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) and Apple laptop, until July, 2018, when different kinds of bugs began to appear. They have steadily increased in number over the last 4-1/2 months.  The worst problem is that if a picture is at the very top of a note, it will smear vertically and obliterate the rest of the note.


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Hi Eric. Maybe yes, you are right. But I was able to install and update before couple of months. What Evernote insist as a code base, that eliminate Note 3? I have never seen this problem in hundred of apps... By the way, I don't think to chuck out Note 3 while it is working excellent. :) I have been using it for 5 years. 

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I believe that the current version of Evernote for Android doesn't work with Android 5. I have been running the beta track, and when the latest GA release came out, I couldn't install it on my Android 5 device. Hopefully they can fix this situation.

Edit: looks like they might have fixed this, as Evernote on my Android 5 phone seemingly updated itself to the GA.

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