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(Archived) How competitive is Evernote?

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I think that you need to narrow down your questions a little bit.

What do you mean by competitive?

What other cloud-based services are you comparing against?

Have you tried Evernote yet?


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I agree with jefito. Plus, what do you want to do with a cloud service? Dropbox & Evernote are both cloud services & some of their functionality may overlap. But their focus is very different, IMO.

I'd suggest you Google "Evernote reviews" as well as browse the EN message board.

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Check out Microsoft OneNote; Zotero for Firefox; Barebones Software's Yojimbo; Journler; Circus Ponies NoteBook; and Lognoter PIM, and gnote for GNOME and Linux.

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I appreciate your comments. Quite right!

I really want to use Evernote mainly to store back-up photographs and documents, as well as view documents I work on at home in other locations (although, to be fair, I could do the latter by simply emailing them to me). I am really comparing them to dropbox and (I think) cloud net.

Many thanks...

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P.S. I have tried evernote but have quickly come up against a maximum MB problem so considering getting the Premium version. Would like to know if anyone has done a compare and contrast with other options though. Thank you...

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Springpad is another competitor.

My suggestion would be to try a couple of these competitors in tandem and see which one you end up using more. But, as mentioned above, Dropbox and EN are overlapping, but not mutually exclusive. I use both.

And, if you try the premium, you are not locked into some long-term deal. Try it out for a couple of months at $5 a month and see how it goes. And, keep in mind that everything you upload during that premium time is still there if you cancel the premium later and go back to free (which you most likely won't anyway!).

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