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Missing images/attachments/snippets on Evernote, but they appear fine everywhere else? (Windows)

Shane D.

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Hi there,
We occasionally see reports from users stating that some of the images, attachments, and/or snippet images are not appearing or rendering in Evernote for Windows.
If you believe you’re experiencing this issue, please do the following:
First, please visit the Evernote Web Client using a web browser on a desktop computer and if the images/attachments are missing there as well.
  • If the image/attachments DO NOT appear on the Web Client, do not proceed further, and open a support ticket
  • If the image/attachments DO appear on the Web Client, then see the steps below in the ‘Fixing lost resources section
Fixing lost resources:
DISCLAIMER: BE CAREFUL! This process requires accessing items from the Evernote for Windows debug menu. Selecting the wrong item from the debug menu may cause irreparable damage to your Evernote Account. If you do not feel comfortable executing these steps yourself, or if you have questions, please open a support ticket, or contact Shane D. directly via DM before proceeding.
IF the image/attachments DO appear on the Web Client, follow these steps in Evernote for Windows:
  1. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard
  2. Click on Help in the menu bar
  3. Scroll down to Troubleshooting
  4. Select Optimize Database

This process will try to reindex your notes, fix snippet image views, and recreate note images.

However, If none of these suggestions help, please contact usIt's helpful to include the following in your ticket submission: 
  • A copy of your activity log
  • If searching for a specific note, provide an exported copy of that note for us to analyze
  • A description of what is happening
  • A list of all the steps you took before you contacted Evernote Support
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