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Freezing of Headers/Sub-headers



It would be amazing if 'freezing' of a selected header/sub-header can be enabled such that when reading through lengthy notes (I'm a student), the general header of a topic can be frozen when scrolling through text within that header, and when encountering a sub-header, that could be frozen right underneath the earlier frozen header. This would help park what I'm reading under that header and respective sub-header until I encounter the next main header, at which point the previous frozen header/sub-header will unfreeze and disappear so that the new header/sub-header can be frozen. This would be similar to freezing the top column/first row in Excel so that one doesn't get lost in a sea of text.

I hope that I've made sense! Apologies if this has been requested previously, but if it hasn't it would be great to have.

Thanks for listening!

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About those "Sub-Headers"; there's no such animal in Evernote

The best solution I can come up with is separate notes titled
Header: Table of Contents
Header: Sub-Header 1
Header: Sub-Header 2

We can make use of note links, both in the ToC, and at the beginning and end of each sub-note


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It would be great if there was a function within the editing toolbar of each note to 'Freeze', and that entire line of text would be coded as frozen in the note. Thus, whenever I read that note again, scrolling down would lock that line of text (say a main header of a body of text) at the very top whichever line of text I'm reading, until I encounter the next line on which I have selected 'Freeze'.

Helps so that I don't get lost in a sea of text if I'm reading a lengthy note for example. Is that what using note links would do too (I'm not familiar with such links).

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