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Shane D.

How do I change the location services/GPS settings in Evernote? (Android)

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Hi there,
We’ve seen questions from users asking how to adjust the location services and GPS settings in Evernote for Android.
If you’re looking to disable location services and GPS tagging to notes within the Evernote Android application: 
  1. Tap the options (three dots) button in upper right hand corner 
  2. Tap Settings> Notes
  3. Uncheck the Add location to new notes’ option (This will automatically disable the ‘Auto-title using location’ feature)
  4. If you want to keep location services enabled, but don’t want the location to be used in automatically in the title, simply uncheck Auto-title using location
Note: If you notice the option, Add location to new notes is greyed out, you’ll need to enable the GPS on your device.
To enable the GPS on your device within your Android Settings:
(Note: Its possible the steps above may not be the correct steps for your specific Android device. If you are having trouble locating your device's location settings you may need to Google your device's location settings for more accurate steps)
1. Open the Settings application on your Android device
2. From the Location tab, turn on your device's GPS/location services.
Once GPS is enabled, you should be able to adjust the Add location to new notes settings.
If you have any other questions/issues regarding location services, please feel free to open a discussion thread, open a support ticket, or reach out to Shane D. directly via DM.

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