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Change Default Account for Contacts for Business Card Syncing (iOS)

Shane D.

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Hi there, 
When you scan a business card, it will save the information from the business card to your Contacts on your iOS device.
However, some people may want to save the business card information to a different set of Contacts. To do this, you must first change the default account being used for your Contacts.
To change the default account for your Contacts, please follow the steps outlined below:
  1. From your home screen launch the Settings application.
  2. Scroll down to the Contacts section and locate the Default Account option
  3. Select the email account you want to be the default account for your Contacts
After making this change all new contacts created in Evernote on your iOS device will be synced to this account.
If you have questions about setting up business card scans so that they are saved to your iOS Contacts automatically see this article:
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