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Explaining Offline Notebooks (Mobile) vs. Local Notebooks (Desktop)

Shane D.

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Hi there,
I wanted to take some time to provide some context regarding the differences between Offline Notebooks vs Local Notebooks.
Offline Notebooks: Mobile Only:
Offline notebooks are an exclusive feature to the Evernote App for mobile/cellular devices (iOS/Android). On mobile devices, Evernote only stores a small amount of data about each note (titles, tags, small snippet of text, and some other meta data) and notebook in a temporary cache, but does not store the entirety of the content from the notes/notebooks.
This temporary data cache enables you to search and browse some notes without an internet connection, but the full note/notebook content is not available unless you're connected to the internet, have recently viewed the note, or have set up offline notebooks.
With an offline notebook enabled in the Evernote App on your mobile device, you will be able to view the full contents of the notes in that notebook, even when you do not have a connection to the internet.
Then, those updates would be applied to the note/notebook the next time you successfully sync your Evernote Account from the Evernote App on that device.
To learn more about setting up Offline Notebooks on your mobile device:
Local Notebooks: Desktop (Mac/Win) Only:
Normally, Evernote for Mac and Windows stores all of your synced notebooks and notes in a local database on your computer. Because your Evernote notes/notebooks/content exist in local files within that local database on your computer, you'll always have access to them, even when you don't have an internet connection. 
However, Evernote for Mac and Windows possess a feature called Local Notebooks.
Local notebooks are notebooks that are not synced, and do not/never sync, to Evernote and only exist on the computer on which they are created. 
Meaning, if you setup a notebook as a local notebook, you can only view, access, and edit notes within that notebook locally from that device. You would not be able to view the contents of that notebook via your Evernote Account on a different device.
Remember, you should only create local notebooks to store notes that you do not want synced to your Evernote Account/the Evernote servers.
To learn how to setup up a local notebook in the Evernote App on your Mac or Windows machine:
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