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Shane D.

How do I troubleshoot syncing Issues? (iOS)

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Hi there,
If you’re experiencing syncing issues with Evernote for iOS, please see the following steps you can take to try and troubleshoot the issue, and hopefully fix it yourself:
  • Check Evernote's status blogEach week, the Evernote servers are updated with new versions of the various software components that power the service. During this time, the service can be slow or even intermittently unavailable. Check status.evernote.com to ensure that there isn't a server-side problem causing your sync error.
  • Evernote Basic - If you have Evernote Basic, verify that you don't have more than two devices associated with your account in your account settings.
  • Make sure you’re on the most current version of Evernote for iOS. If you are not, please update (DO NOT reinstall) to the current version via the App Store and retry syncing. 
  • Check your Evernote 'Trash' for any notes/items that you wish to keep. If there aren’t any notes you would like to keep, empty your Evernote Trash and retry syncing. (The Evernote ‘Trash’ is the very last item listed on the bottom of the left-hand side bar)
  • Try updating, and/or temporarily disabling, any security software or VPN that could cause internet connectivity issues and see if sync then works
  • If this doesn’t work, see if there are any specific notes that are causing the syncing issue:
    1. With Evernote open, pull down on the screen to force a sync. It will fail, but this will put fresh data in the activity log.
    2. Tap on the user settings icon on the bottom right hand corner 
    3. Tap on Support ActivityLog Mail
    4. Send the activity log to an email address you own
    5. Open the log file using an app like MS Word, Notepad, or Apple Notes and do a word search for ErrorFailed, and/or Exception
    6. If you see the titles of one of your notes listed next to ErrorFailed, and/or Exception, try copying the content of that note to a different location like, and then delete that note and empty it from the trash. (Repeat this process each note title you see)
    7. Retry syncing


If you’re still experiencing sync issues, execute the following steps to rebuild the database on your iOS device by reinstalling it.
DISCLAIMER: (Be sure to execute the following steps exactly as they are listed. Improperly following the reinstall steps may cause irreparable damage and the loss of some of your notes/notebooks.
If you do not feel comfortable proceeding with reinstalling Evernote on your iOS Device, or need more assistance, stop here and open a support ticket or reach out to Shane D. via DM.)
To reinstall Evernote for iOS follow these steps:
Before reinstalling Evernote for iOS, make sure to copy the contents of any unsynced notes somewhere outside of the Evernote app. Any unsynced notes (notes marked by green corners) and photos are deleted when you reinstall Evernote. To save any unsynced photos, open the photo, tap the Share button (box with upward arrow) and select Save Image.
1. From the home screen, tap and hold the Evernote icon until it starts to jiggle
2. Tap X, then Delete
3. Restart your iOS device
4. Download Evernote from the App Store
Hopefully, these steps helped you to fix any syncing issues you’ve been encountering.  However, If none of these suggestions help, please see these best practices for opening a support ticket, and then contact us.  
If you'd like to open a ticket immediately, it's helpful to include the following in your ticket submission:  
  • A copy of your activity log
  • A description of what is happening
  • What version of Evernote you are using
  • Which device your notes are not showing up on
  • A list of all the steps you took before you contacted Evernote Support

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