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Using the Evernote Camera causes phone to reboot.

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Hi everybody.

I use a Blackberry Dtek 60 (Android) and have had issues when snapping documents in Automatic Mode.  All other functionality works fine.

When I snap documents the phone will suddenly reboot.

I originally thought this was a problem with the phone's battery which was draining too quickly but I have just had this replaced and although the battery is now working correctly I was surprised when I used the camera today to snap a photo. Does the Evernote camera force the use of extra power?

During the process of taking the photo the phone crashed and rebooted.

I don't have issues when taking photos with the default camera outside of Evernote. If I am not mistaken I can't use the standard camera with the Automatic Mode to snap documents and business cards etc.

Is this a known problem and does anybody have a fix or any suggestions?


George Andrews




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I also have had a problem with the mobile app taking document pictures. The problem has persisted for a month or more. The processing of the photo to correct the color and orientation is taking a long time and draining the battery. Something must have broken in the software. It used to work great. I am using a Pixel XL running Android 9.

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