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Scanning Magazines


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Hello Fairfolk of Evernote Land,

Firstly, apologies if these questions have been covered. I feel like the appropriate discussion is somewhere here but I cannot find it for the life of me, so many threads go close but invariably end up somewhere else. 

My two questions relate to scanning magazines: 

1. Is there a software that will scan the full page (i.e. staples out, scanning the front and back cover first, then the second and second last pages and so on) and then intelligently re-assemble the magazine? i.e. every odd page number counting up, and every even one counting down? 

Reading this out loud it sounds like I am asking for a lot, but the process is straight forward and surely I am not the first person to have a need for this type of software.

2. Next question...is there a software that stitches together a page with text that has been separated down the middle and scanned separately? I thought I had hit the jackpot with Microsoft's Image Composite Editor but it needs an overlapping part of the image to work. I'm talking something like an A3 sheet of newspaper cut in two - there is no overlap. Again I don't think this is rocket science - the page height will be identical with barely any text matching required.

If there is a tool that can help, hopefully it's not a $500 investment. I have an ix500, so if the above features are hiding away in the scansnap software somewhere, that would be perfect. Haven't found it so far though.

Thanks in advance.

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My only thoughts are something like Adobe Photoshop, or GIMP open source, but likely only (2) at best, not (1).  I'm not in Apple ecosystem, but always perceived them to be the 'artists' OS; so maybe they have stuff like this. Also may have better luck researching what marketers, advertisers, and/or folks that digitize the magazines professionally.  Maybe there's forums for those interests out there somewhere.  Likely any software they use is on commercial cost scale which is magnitudes higher than retail in many cases.

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I thought of the process you describe when I scanned some of my books and magazines.  In the end I settled for a sharp knife (Stanley Knife etc) and cut the spines off.  With stapled magazines you cut down the middle.  Given this is in the paperless section I imagine you aren't keeping them?




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7 minutes ago, taguntumi said:

In the end I settled for a sharp knife (Stanley Knife etc) and cut the spines off. 

A bandsaw also works well for this.
Also, it helps to have a scanner with a sheet feeder and duplex (2-sided) support.

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