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(Archived) How much can I upload in total?

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Thank you. That was what I was asking. So, in other words, there isn't an upper limit of how much I can store, other than a max of 500MB per month. This means, presumably, I can upload a whole load of photos as well as scanned documents etc.


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Yes, you are correct.

And if you want to get a fast jump on maximizing your uploads, create a non-sync'd notebook. You can put tons of stuff there because it is not uploaded to Evernote.

Then at the end of each month, you have a wealth of stuff you can move from the non-sync'd notebook to a regular notebook to hit the max monthly upload limit.

Cavaet - the non-sync'd note book should be backed up. This is important in case your system crashes or you want to reinstall Evernote.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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