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Creating Stacks in Evernote 7.6 on Mac

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Since this update of Evernote (On High Sierra OS) I can no longer create attack by dragging one notebook onto another one. What's happening as I've searched everywhere for an answer. Will drop note to Evernote staff but it's Saturday so thought maybe a "Guru" out there could answer so I can move on with organization. I can of course move notes in a notebook to another however, I want a stack with multiple notebooks contained as in previous versions of Evernote.

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41 minutes ago, dyuhas said:

The stacks feature had disappeared. I'm using v 7.14 on Mojave.

The stacks feature has not "disapppeared"   
Please post a screenshot of your issue

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2 minutes ago, dyuhas said:

Yes, it has.

No it hasn't

You're using the sidbar
Did you read my post above about using the Notebook page?

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I didn't know what you meant by Notebook page; I've never used it. I'm fairly new to the Mac version. When I used the Windows version - many moons ago - I manipulated Stacks in the sidebar. Learn something new every day. Thanks.

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1 hour ago, MLHB said:

I can no longer use stacks either--running Catalina. So, Evernote, has the "stacks" feature been removed, relocated, renamed? This info would be nice to know! Thank you!

As I posted above, I am able to use stacks1986787282_ScreenShot2018-11-20at08_59_58.png.2862fb1923eec95872f6da7269108dbd.png.f7cb9f7a42be25fcb8c69d9871be0566.png

The screenshot is from the Notebook page on my Mac
Drag and drop also works

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Thank you so much, now I can organise notebooks again. Good hint!

But is this really intended by the the ux- and dev team? You really try to drag and drop int the sidebar. And it event lets you visible drag (and not drop). even the current help files claim you should do it this way. Needs an UX review very soon, just my two cents.And please update the help files too.


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