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ability to move evernote tables

Student 24


Hi there,

I like the table function in evernote, it is very handy.

However, at the moment the table is fixed on the right hand side.

It would be even better if it were possible to place the table where you would like to have it on the page.

In addition, it would also be great if you were able have a table and text side by side. At the moment you can only have the text either above or underneath the table, which (when the table is small) just takes away a whole lot of usable space.

I am looking forward to this extra feature.

Thanks for reading and considering my suggestion. 


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A compromise to accomplish something similar is to merge cells on one side, so you can have say 4 rows on one side and one row on the other side,  it's what I currently do for that type of thing.

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