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Application Links (specifically OmniFocus)



I use Evernote like a wiki, using the Copy Classic Note Link feature to link from one note to another in Evernote. I can also use the Evernote link in my task management program, OmniFocus. That makes it easy for me to have a task that links to an Evernote note. It's especially nice that OmniFocus links to Evernote work both on my Mac and my iOS devices.

I'd like Evernote to allow links to other programs, specifically OmniFocus. OmniFocus allows you to copy a task link (using the Copy as Link feature), and I'd love to be able to link from Evernote to OmniFocus.

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5 hours ago, kcreamer said:

I'd like Evernote to allow links to other programs,

I totally agree.  The macOS fully supports custom URL schemes, so it should be very easy for Evernote to do so.  I'm guessing all you need to do is to change the validation rule for the Add Link dialog.

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