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Web-based app: Notes not being saved/synched


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I use the web version and logged in on a different computer to continue editing a particular note. When I was done, I closed the browser. The next day, I logged into Evernote on my usual computer but the note that I spent almost 5 hours on the previous day had not saved any of my work. 

I'm baffled and not happy to have lost so much work. I don't understand how could this happen. I tested Evernote today on both computers and changes are being synched by the second. Changes appear on both browsers on separate computers. But all the text that I typed the day before is just not there at all.

Is this a glitch? Is there anything that can be done to retrieve what I saved the day before?

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Same for me and I have not had any issues in the past with updates made to my notes via the evernote.com interface. I have had two different notes where I lost content in the past few days. In both cases I had the browser window open well after making changes and my computer went to sleep. When I logged into the computer and opened the browser, content I had entered 5 to 10 minutes before the computer went to sleep was gone.

Maybe I am confusing this with the mobile app, but I thought there was a save/check button that would force a save to the server. I can't find that functionality anywhere on the web interface.

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I'm having the same issue on Chrome. If I leave the browser window open for more than 15 minutes, changes made to notes will not be saved. This is even true for when I move to another note and back in the same session. If I refresh the browser it will begin saving again. 

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