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Calendaring functions



I want to use Evernote as my task manager, one task per note.  But I miss too much the calendaring functions I had in MS Outlook Tasks.  With evernote I get only one reminder date/time.  With Outlook tasks I get a reminder for each of start date/time when I can begin a task, due date/time when I need to be done the task, and even a reminder date/time so I can jog my memory whenever I next want to.  I also get in Outlook Tasks the ability to schedule repetitive tasks, like changing my furnace filter every six weeks, and when I check it off as done then the next time is scheduled six weeks out for me.  Additionally, I can schedule income tax day every year, or putting weed and feed on my lawn every spring, or even renewing my drivers license every five years.

The lack of these functions to use a note as a task which needs to be managed has driven me back to using Outlook tasks for the job, but then I miss all the details that Evernote could include in the body of a task, and evernotes searching ability.  Sigh.  Please expand your calendaring functions for those of us who use evernote as a task manager.


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