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Hi.  Sometimes, I have great difficulty scrolling to the top of a list.  For instance, when I search all notes for a certain string, scan the long list of search returns by scrolling down the list, find the desired note, then cancel my search, by pressing the X on the search bar, EN will understandably leave me on the last note i was viewing.   The problem starts when I drag the vertical scroll control to the top of the list.  When I drag the v-scroll control to the top of the list, and release the right mouse button, EN will bounce the vertical scroll control back down the list.  If I drag the v-control back up to the top again, EN will bounce it back down again... and again... and again.  Have others noticed this issue?  Workarounds?  Has EN identified this issue as a problem?  Thanks.  

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2 hours ago, organizing said:


If Windows, while focus is in the note list press the Home key.  Yeah, for whatever reason the scroll bar does not perform as one would expect with long note lists.

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3 minutes ago, jbenson2 said:

I added a reminder note in Evernote on how to  jump to the top of the note list

On my laptop Windows 10 computer, I have to press Control Function and Home at the same time.

Just pressing Home works for me. 

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