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Default Folder is grayed out, can't change it

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I've been using Evernote for Business for a few years. We have two users with accounts, myself and my business partner. Each person has access to the Business folder, as well as a Personal folder.

We have two Evernote Edition Scansnap scanners at our offices, one for each of us. When we scan items, by default it goes to a shared folder which we both have access to.

I just bought a NON-Evernote Edition Scansnap since I didn't want to buy more Evernote specific hardware, and when I scan documents it is putting it into a folder called "Business Cards", in our business folder, but I see no way to change it. So, how do I set the default folder?

I've read this page and it doesn't work, since it is grayed out. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314728-How-to-change-your-default-notebook 

Edit: The mystery deepens. When I am in Outlook and open a PDF using my Nitro PDF reader from there, there is an option in my PDF reader to "Send to Evernote". When I do that, it's sending it to a Personal folder, "Documents (Personal)", so I am having things sent to two places by default. 

I've searched all over and can't find an answer to this. Help would be amazing...

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You can create your own profile using the ScanSnap manager to put the output to a folder of choice.  Make that folder an Import folder in EN attached to whichever notebook you like, or create a new one.  For example I have it set up where my ScanSnap puts the output of a scan in a folder named My Scans which is linked to a local Notebook named Scans.  I use Scans like an Inbox, anything in it needs to get processed (Tools - Import Folders).  I never cared much for the SN default profiles

ScreenClip.png.fe4d5dff9a306660b96ad0807141975e.png   ScreenClip.png.634967927137ab50b067b2234c4a7d79.png

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When I follow the above steps and go to Tools > Import Folders to set that up, it doesn't allow me to select any of our shared business folders. So how do I set this up to import to our business folders?

Evernote seems to give very piss poor support to business use unless I am missing something drastic here.

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