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Search Not Working in Evernote Web


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When I try searching with the latest Evernote Web, it doesn't matter the phrase, no results come back. 

Since it is the online version, I do not see an option to rebuild the search index, the common fix for Evernote applications.

I'm using Chrome, I've cleared cache and cookies, I've rebooted.

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2 hours ago, pedroevaristo said:

When doing a search, what to do to be displayed first the latest notes?

The previous version had that option, but not new.

If you are using the Web Beta, don't.  It is not fully functional and is more of a look and feel thing.  It is useless for getting anything done.  It should come with a Buyer Beware warning, IMO.  Be sure you are using the Current version.

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4 hours ago, coffenut said:

I have the same issue and it is pissing me off. 

Are you using the Current version?  If a bug there as a Premium member you can Chat or submit a ticket.

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