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Sharing notebook inflicts Evernote spam on invitees

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I recently shared a notebook to a developer on my team and I'm hearing that they are now receiving 2 to 4 Evernote marketing emails / day.

Please be smarter about opting users like this into your marketing email lists.

Note sharing by your existing users must be great for new customer acquisition, and you certainly can rely on users like me recommending your product--but the spam is counteracting.

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100% agreed. Edit:This is stuck in my brain now.  The most annoying thing is these cowards (all of this ilk, not just EN) rarely send these emails from identifiable human sources.  The real source is obfuscated along with some bs, like 'sent from unmonitored automated system'. They can dish it out, but can't take the heat of the deserved backlash. I'd love to see how many hours a year are wasted in the workplace on the disposition of spam that circumvents the filters. And further you still have to occasionally check and tune the filters, more time wasted on account of thugs, yes they're stealing my time and invading my privacy, getting away with unethical behavior in the name of capitalism.  

Now that I know the behavior I'll likely never share.  I don't want to be the guy passing this disease around.

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