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I've been using Evernote for a few years. With few exceptions--when the system was very slow saving changes, etc., last year--it has worked well. Not anymore. Ever since the website was updated, re-designed, whatever, I simply cannot use Evernote. Any action I take on any notebook freezes the note, and not for just a second but  long enough to make it impossible to get any work done. Scrolling is slow and choppy, no longer smooth. Copying and pasting freezes the note for a long time. TOTAL UTTER DISASTER.  Am I the only one? Looking into OneNote or anything that will allow me to do amazing things like type a full word and move paragraphs. 

I'm on a Dell PC, Windows 10, Google Chrome.  No other website I use is having these problems. 

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Thanks for this report. I understand that you're seeing the issue with our new app. You can switch back to the previous version of the web app from your settings page: https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action.

Our new web app is still in beta, let us know if the issue continues after switching back to the previous version. 


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Thank you, Austin! I had to switch to OneNote, but with the old Evernote still available, I'll come back!

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15 minutes ago, james_mcnally said:

Just adding on here: also experiencing so much lag with the web client that it's basically unusable in the new iteration. 

I switched back to previous version.


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Help please.  The web clipper symbol has disappeared from my google search site.  This happened ni the last 24 hours.  Gone ot google store and it will not allow me to 'enable' .  Seems to still be working in Firefox.

As an amateur any advice gratefully received.

Thanks in anticipation



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