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How Do I Delete a Notebook Without Deleting the Notes Inside it?

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2 hours ago, Nicholas Quixote said:

How Do I Delete a Notebook Without Deleting the Notes Inside it? ... The only option I can find are to move notes to another notebook, which I don't want to do.

In Evernote, a note has to be assigned to a notebook; this is not optional
Reassign the notes to a new or existing notebook
Then delete the old notebook

>>I am not able to move notes

Which devce/platform; this is an easy process on the Windows/Mac platforms.


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To amplify: since, as @DTLowcorrectly points out, that a note must always be contained in a notebook, then there's really not much reason to move them to a different notebook. Exceptions:

  • if the notebook is a local notebook, and you want it to be synced, or vice-versa, then, at least in the Windows version, you'll have to create a notebook of the proper kind, and move the notes there.

I can't think of any more exceptions. You can add or remove people from sharing your notebook, so that shouldn't be a reason.

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